Go Topless Day 2014

It’s that time of year again…to take the top off the Jeep and go for a drive! National Go Topless Day always arrives at a funny time for Colorado Jeepers, you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get. This year, we had 5″ of snow / rain…

Happy Jeep Wave Day

Hope everyone is doing the #JeepWave today and getting lots of wave backs! And, in case anyone was wondering: May 7th = 5/7 = Five Fingers waving at the Seven slot grill on a Jeep!

Jeep Wave Day 2014

  May 7th every year is your chance to spread the word about the #JeepWave. Yes, every day should be Jeep Wave Day, but we all know how frustrating it is to see another Jeep, throw out your hand, and get nothing but a blank stare in return. So, we aim…

Jeep Wave Video

Just wanted to share a little video sent to us by a Facebook fan the other day. We’re not huge fans of the Jeep Wave “point” system, but hey, if it gets more Jeepers waving at each other, then all the better!

Veterans Day 2013

Each year on Veterans Day, we here at like to bring you a story or picture of Jeeps in service. Last year, it was a story about flying Jeeps in WWII, the year before, a story of Jeeps liberating captured troops in WWII.  This year, it’s something a little…

Happy Halloween 2013!

A scary Jeep Wave out to all the ghosts and goblins headed out tonight. Drive safe!

Moving Day!

It was recently moving day for us here at  No, not moving the site anywhere, but actually, moving.  FUN! As if we needed another reason to love the Grand Cherokee, we were continually amazed at just how much fit inside (and on top of) the Jeep.  Sure, we got…

Jeep Waves is Graduating

Just wanted to share one of our favorite pics recently submitted by one of our fans.  He’s got a sweet yellow Jeep and just got a diploma to go along with it.  Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the graduation!

Crawlin’ To A Cure 2013

We went out last Saturday to attend the third annual Crawlin’ To A Cure event in Eagle, CO that supports Breast Cancer Awareness and raises money for the Keepin’ ’Em Real Scholarship Fund.  We’ve been attending this event since the beginning and seen it grow to what it was this…

Crawlin’ For A Cure 2013

The annual Crawl for a Cure event takes place this Saturday in Eagle, Colorado.  We’ll be there live-tweeting the event if anyone is feeling bored on a Saturday night and wants to follow along on Twitter, you can check it out here: @Jeepwaves This event focuses on raising money and…